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Welcome to Mirrored Sims!

I'm Yamirose and this is where I keep all of the objects
and other stuff that I've made for the Sims 1 game.

I hope you find something here that you like.


I am just a line.

New items are usually added to the top of each page.

Last updated July 04, 2016.


General Furniture NEW

Sets - large NEW

Sets - small

Books & Learning NEW


Artwork NEW


Lights & Electrical NEW

Decorative NEW



Floors, Walls & Roofs

Simlogical Wall Unit Set Recolours & Extras

Shop Items

Theme - Medieval

Theme - Rise of the Guardians

Theme - Pirates

Theme - Legend of Zelda

Theme - Rainbow Brite

Theme - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Theme - Kamisama Kiss

Theme - Japanese Shrine


Sims Art Shop - Frames


I am just a line.


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